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La Goulette

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  • La Goulette
Must See La Goulette

La Goulette population was initially composed exclusively of Turks and Moors. Then the city expanded after the arrival of immigrants from Malta and Sicily (in particular from provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento) attracted by the working perspectives related to the maritime and port activities.

Today the city is known for its commercial port and its cruise terminal.


The Carraca fortress:  built by the Spanish and then enlarged by the Turks in 1574.

La Petite Sicile district: where many Sicilian and Maltese immigrants settled down from 1868.

The fish market

Franklin Roosevelt Avenue: where you’ll find a concentration of bars and restaurants.

The Church of St. Augustin and St. Fidèle of La Goulette: a Tunisian church located in La Goulette. The church hosts an English-speaking community, especially African, every Sunday for mass. A community of missionary nuns (Sisters of Mother Teresa) lives there, taking care of some grandmothers of Italian origin.

Museum of the Arts and Traditions of the Tunisian Judaism "Dar Edhekra": Roosevelt avenue, open every day from 10 am till 8 pm except Saturdays.

Address La Goulette

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