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Tunis city center

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  • Tunis city center
Must See Tunis city center

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia is known by its historic heart (Medina), the "European" city built in the early twentieth century and new districts that are growing continuously.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the main artery of Tunis which gathers great monuments like France Embassy and Municipal Theatre. The animation is in full swing around cinemas, shops and cafés including Café de Paris which is one of the busiest.


The Independence Square: It separates Avenue Habib Bourguiba from France Avenue. It has the distinction of hosting Ibn Khaldun Statue and two major monuments of the city center: General Residence built in 1861, which became the French Embassy and  St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral.

The Municipal Theatre: Designed by a french architect Jean-Emile Resplandy. It was inaugurated on 20th November 1902 with a capacity of 856 seats. 9 years after its huge sucess, significant works were undertaken to host 1300 spectators. A jewel of New Art, it is called "candy box" due to the aspect of the rounded balconies at the facade's corners.

The Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Olive: It is the Catholic rite Cathedral of Tunis city (Tunisia). Built between 1893 and 1897, it carries the name of St. Vincent de Paul, the famous founder of the Lazarists.

The Currency Museum: Taking place in the eastern part of the new building of the Central Bank of Tunisia, on Avenue Mohammed-V, it occupies a space of 600 m2 between the ground floor and the mezzanine. It houses a permanent exhibition hall, a temporary exhibition space, a media library, a library and a shop.
(Open Tue. - Sun. from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Free entry).

Shops and shopping centers: Tunis is also a shopping destination with a multitude of local and international brands that draw the great avenues of the capital.

·         PALMARIUM Mall: Located in Tunis Center on the corner of Carthage Avenue and Habib Bourguiba Avenue. It is one of the biggest city shopping center. It houses on its four floors nearly 230 shops.And it  used to be a Winter Garden.

·         CLARIDGE Mall: a space whose galleries turn around an indoor winter garden. Distinguished by a rotating  panoramic restaurant overlooking the main avenue Habib Bourguiba.

·         CENTRAL PARK Mall: a food supermarket, several shops (MANGO, JENNYFER, LUFIAN, PUMA, MOTIVI...) and a food court in a commercial area of 6,000 m2 on three floors. 


Address Tunis city center

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